Thursday, October 27, 2011

Girl, DId You See Basketball Wives L.A.? Episode 7? *sigh*

This is our last vlog about the first season of Basketball Wives L.A. We may come back to do a review of the reunion show, but there's only so much recapping of this negative crap we can take. We found ourselves unable to say anything nice about the show, so we're throwing in the towel.

In this episode, Imani still sits on high, pulls Malaysia over to the dark side and goes on her first date in 4 years. Draya actually appears to care what Laura thinks of her and Jackie becomes a whole other person right in front of our eyes.

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FindingMe said...

..."Here we were kicking her in the face and you wiped up the blood?" OMG! LOL! BBWLA is a hot mess!!! You are right- it's SO repetitive and malicious...H.A.M.

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