Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girl, Did You See The Season 8 Premiere of Grey's Anatomy?

The girls discuss the Season 8 premiere episode. Topics include, The Men of Grey's Anatomy who impressed, Christina and Owen and the decision to abort her baby, the Chief's sacrifice for Meredith Grey and a request for the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes...which happens around 12:10...if you know Shonda, let her know. Thx


Adriane said...

I don't watch Grey's but I SO enjoyed this. I had to watch your conversation and switch back and forth to do Google searches on the names. Thank God for Google!

But did you do a show on the penis episode? I watched that one because Debbie Allen was on it. But I was most interested in the relationship between Dr. Bailey and the pretty man--the nurse. It wasn't believable to me, but I wished I had been watching it so I could believe they could be together.

Besties said...

LOL @Google searches. We didn't recap that episode w/Debbie Allen, but I watched it. As for the relationship between Bailey and the pretty male nurse, I've seen it since the beginning, and trust me, that doesn't make it any more believable. That was the oddest coupling ever.

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