Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GirlDidYouSee The Help

Part 1 - BFFs discuss their opposing reactions to The Help, the "joys" of frying chicken, etc.

Part 2 - BFFs continue their discussion of The Help, hash out their opposing viewpoints, analyze character development (or lack thereof), debate the "feel-good" aspect of the film, and discuss The Terrible Awful (shit cake).

Part 3 - BFFs wrap up their opposing reactions to the film The Help. As two black women who were born and raised in the south, they speak on how they relate to some aspects of the film.

Do you agree or disagree with anything you heard in our videos? What is your reaction to The Help?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

GirlDIdYouSee The Season 3 Finale of Basketball Wives?

BFFs discuss the Evelyn/Ocho Cinco argument, the divorce party, Al Reynolds, the infamous drink toss,   and Eric Williams' knot.