Monday, October 31, 2011

Girl, Did You See Reed Between The Lines? The Natural Hair Episode?

We did! And we liked. In this video, we talk all about that, but mostly we share our thoughts about how we feel about the show so far. If you recall, we were both pretty excited after the premiere episodes. How do we feel now, a few episodes in, after the Girlfriends and Cosby Show nostalgia has worn off a bit? How do you feel about the show so far? Watch our conversation and join in!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Girl, DId You See Basketball Wives L.A.? Episode 7? *sigh*

This is our last vlog about the first season of Basketball Wives L.A. We may come back to do a review of the reunion show, but there's only so much recapping of this negative crap we can take. We found ourselves unable to say anything nice about the show, so we're throwing in the towel.

In this episode, Imani still sits on high, pulls Malaysia over to the dark side and goes on her first date in 4 years. Draya actually appears to care what Laura thinks of her and Jackie becomes a whole other person right in front of our eyes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Girl, Did You See Beyoncé's New Video for "Party"?

Solange, Kelly, and Beyoncé's legs made stellar cameos in Beyoncé's latest video from 4. Who else was disappointed that André 3000's verse from the album was replaced with J. Cole's in the remixed video? Actually, the original version is a bit x-rated but I was kinda looking forward to laying my eyes on André 3k. It's been a minute. Did you like the video?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Girl, Did You See Reed Between The Lines?

BET's newest original comedy, Reed Between The Lines debuted last night and we Skyped about it minutes after the second episode ended. We, like many of the folks in the audience, grew up on The Cosby Show and are huge fans of Girlfriends and Tracee Ellis Ross. We share our reaction to the premiere of this largely entertaining and good quality show. We are both hopeful that the show will only get better with time. Families should DVR the show (it came on kinda late) and watch it together. Great characters and a very special cast.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Girl, Did You See Those Broads Ambush Draya on Basketball Wives L.A.?

In this episode, Jackie and Laura basically wet themselves with excitement over digging up dirt on Draya, the ladies ambush Draya with their findings (after they think they've gotten Malaysia on their side) and we get to the bottom of why everybody but Malaysia hates on Draya.

Girl, Did You See Jackie Christie Try To Have The Sex Talk With Her Daughter?

In this episode, Jackie Christie attempted to have the s.e.x. talk with her 18 year-old daughter. If you saw it, clearly, you understand why her daughter may have had reservations about confiding in her mom AT ALL about her love life.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Girl, Did You See Basketball Wives L.A.? The MMA Fight

Are we the only ones fed up with black women fighting on TV? It's almost like producers demand it. EssBreezyBaby comments on how nobody was fighting, so did producers put them in boxing gloves to make a "legit" fight happen?

Girl, Did You See Basketball Wives L.A.? Draya & Malaysia, The Wedding & Imani's Breakdown

This time, we discuss Draya's decision to skip Jackie's 16th wedding, Imani's bizarre conversation with her kids and her breakdown at the wedding after party. And the wedding.